New Construction

When new construction projects are being talked about, you can count on our skilled and experienced contractors to help those plans turn to a reality. For more than 10 years Teos Construction has helped various new construction projects come to life. Call us today so we can get started with yours.

Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling

Spice up the kitchen and give your bathroom a luxurious appeal with a top of the line remodeling service completed by our team of designers from Teos Construction. For more than 10 years we have remodeled numerous amounts of properties and we have accomplished innovative and breathtaking kitchens and bathrooms. Call us now.

Painting Interior and Exterior

If the color of your interior walls or even the exterior of your property is beginning to die out and look dull, you can count on our experienced painters to perform a state of the art interior or exterior painting service from Teos Construction. Call us today to schedule an appointment with our paint team.

Professional Carpentry

When it comes to your carpentry tasks, no matter the size or the complexity our team at Teos Construction can help. We have specialized in professional carpentry for multiple years. We work with superior tools and possess exquisite craftsmanship skills to complete carpentry to sheer perfection. Learn more about what we can do by talking to our experts today.

Concrete Works

Concrete is known for its versatility and durable features. Here at Teos Construction we offer dynamic concrete work services where we are committed to completing every task to perfection. With more than 10 years in the business, we are the best at what we do. Contact us today to learn more.


We have all of the materials that you’ll need to create a beautiful and long lasting driveway here at Teos Construction. We can even help you install a brand new driveway where you’ll park for years to come. A great driveway will not only look remarkable, but as well will boost your property’s value.


Let our specialists from Teos Construction assist you in building a durable, sturdy and beautiful sidewalk with our sidewalk services. High quality sidewalks at affordable prices are a guarantee when you work with us at Teos Construction. Schedule your appointment today.

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